Lake Creek Cemetery



aka Peck Family Cemetery

aka South Fork Cemetery

This picture shows how over grown it was the next  picture will show what it looked like after May 12, 2012 when 8 men and one woman spent Saturday morning cleaning it up.

In this cemetery it is believed that there are 16 people buried here.  Only a few markers remain,  unable to read names on some.  We will continual to do research and have names listed later after the research is completed.  The family names at this time are; Peck, Edler, and Hoefft.  If you have any family information you can share that would be wonderful.

This picture is after the clean up.  The next project for this cemetery is building a fence around it and also replacing markers.  Would you be interested in helping?



This project in building the fence will be in the fall of 2016.  If your interested please contact the LCHS office 541-826-1513