Rent Venues

Perfect place to rent

for those country weddings!

Also for those family events, such

as anniversaries, birthdays, and memorials etc.

Is a wonderful place to have those company picnics.

Please make your reservation soon.


Rules and Regulation

We wish to protect our beautiful old rustic Pioneer Hall and park grounds so there are a few rules for potential renters.

1. NO Smoking is permitted within the building.

2. NO device with an OPEN Flame or any unsafe electric devices.

3. NO ALCOHOLIC beverages are allowed on the premises.

4. NO ANIMALS allowed in building, with the exception of animals assisting

persons with disabilities.

5. NO FIREARMS allowed

6. Building must be closed and secured by 11:00 pm.


We thank you for considering us for your upcoming event.

The rental fees are varied depending on your event.  So please contact us and we can mail you the forms.