Tablecloth Mystery

Mystery Tablecloth

 A tablecloth found in a local home provided an intriguing mystery. Thanks for some good detective work the mystery of the tablecloth ant its more then 255 signatures has been pretty well solved. One of the people who did the most research-and had the most success finding answers-was Maxine ‘Walch’ Peile, descendant of one of the first families to settle in the Lake Creek area.

 The cloth surfaced when, Bob and Ruth Braden, the new owners of the Ben and Margaret Gardener home discover it in the attic.  They were curious about the signatures an asked the LCHS to unravel the story behind it.

     The signatures include approximately 14 from three generations of the Gardener family, Peile noted.  Other signers were teachers from the Lake Creek and Brownsboro one-room schools and owners of the Lake Creek and Brownsboro stores.

      The Historical Society has the tablecloth framed and under glass, and it is displayed at the Pioneer Hall.

This writing was gleaned from the article in the Lake Creek Letter, Summer 1999, another article with the list of names is in the Lake Creek Letter, Winter 1999-2000  If you wish to read more you can purchase the Lake Creek Letter for .50 cents each or eleven letters for $5.00, plus postage.  See CONTACT.