Post Office 1886-1959


In the beginning  the post office in Lake Creek the town was two words.  In 1894 for some reason it was changed to one word Lakecreek.  Brian Zablochy in 2007 was doing  research for his collage paper and sent a letter to the state to have it changed back to two words.  So it is now two words as it should be.  Thank you Brian!

List of  people that were postmasters or postmistress of the Lake Creek Post office from 1886-1959.

Joseph P. Delk-Dec. 10, 1886, George M Mason – Apr.25, 1888, John Grieve-1890-1894 ,Samuel S. Randles –Apr.24, 1894 * Name change April 24, 1895-Lakecreek (one word) William C. Heater- Oct. 14, 1895 ,Henry H. Wright- Mar. 10, 1898, Sarah-Wright Hessler-1900 & 1907 * ,Ida Hall-1905-1907 ,Nettie Thompson-1908-1921 * ,Edythe Antle- 1921-1925 Lewis & Agnes Wyant-1925-1947 *, Bert & Hallie Dodenhoff 1947-1949 Alfred & Agnes Nelson-1949-1955 ,Rollie & Lillian Davis-1955-1960 * (Store) End of post office. (Aug. 1, 1959), the Lakecreek post office was converted to a rural station of the Eagle Point Post office. 2007 name changed back to two words. Lake Creek (Information from Barbara Hegne book and from Helen Barrows stories in our Lake Creek Letter paper of 1997. It is believed the store was built in 1904, * pictures in display case at the Pioneer Hall.