My Memories of Mom and Dad!


My Memories of Mom and Dad!

By Bonnie ‘Millard’ Nutter


I have so many fond memories of my Mom and Dad. (Arlin and Garrel Millard.

Dad was the grocery shopper in the family. He loved to shop for bargains.  I loved to go with him.  We would go to the Big Y.  I loved that store.  It had a little bit of everything.  While returning home to Lake Creek one evening it got dark before we got home and Dad ran over a big old skunk.. Boy! What a stink.  We rolled our windows down and the smell didn’t go away.  Our eyes burned and Dad and I were both about to get sick, it was so strong.

Mom was so good at keeping us kids all busy while having fun. 

She taught us games that she and her brothers and sisters used to play, Kick the Can, Pussy Wants a Corner, Anti Over, Steal the Stick, Run Sheep Run, it was so much fun.

Mom used to have us kids set around a table and she would tell a story and she would stop and the next in line would continue the story.  By candle light.  The story really got funny as it went around.  It made the time go fast.  We were waiting for Dad to get home for supper.

Mom would take all us kids to the Lake Creek Store.  I guess we went to get the mail and she would buy us all ice cream cones or candy.  One afternoon after leaving the store eating our ice cream cones, Mom said, “Oh! lookie, lookie, lookie”; she had spotted a herd of deer and the next thing we knew Mom had run off the road and was headed out where the deer were, over rocks and pot holes.  When we got back on the road Mom, turned around and said, “Don’t tell Dad”.  We laughed all the way home.  Mom always took us flower picking and looking for Lady Slippers, Red Bells, Lamb’s Tongue, Bird Bills, Spring Beauties, Tiger Lilies, Mountain Lilies and many others.  I miss that time.  We picked a lot of wild strawberries, thimble-berries and blackberries.  Sure made good ice cream

God bless us with the best Mom and Dad in the world.  I truly love all my family!