Memories of past students

Barbara Fry Remembers – Lake Creek School

 I went to school when I was 4 years old. The teachers, bless their hearts, didn’t care if these little ones tagged along to school and so I went to school with my sister, Eva. When I started first grade, Jimmy Damon and I were the only two first graders. In the first grade we still spent a lot of time playing. Our teacher was Arletta Tyrrell. I always thought she was the prettiest person in the world and she was so good to us. When I graduated from high school, I sent her an announcement. She taught that first year up here and then went back to school. I think she was only about 17 years old at the time. You know, they could go two years in normal school (college) or something. She was wonderful. She lived with Alma ‘Gould’Meyer and would walk over to the school. Back then the teachers had to build the fire and do all sorts of things, but she was a wonderful person. I just thought she was great!

John Short Remembers-  Lost Creek School

 Well, my early memories of Lake Creek was when we moved from Foots Creek to Lake Creek. In order to do that, my Dad bought an old Chevrolet truck and moved us. After we got there we went to Lost Creek School. The Lost Creek School was about a mile and a half from our little farm. It was one of those one-room schools with eight grades in one room and one teacher. The teacher’s name was Miss Farlow. My memories at that time was walking to school in the morning and then coming home at night. Then, of course, we all did chores.

Louis (Buck) Walch Remembers- Lake Creek School

The Lake Creek School was on the desert. I went there until I graduated out of the fourth grade. Willard was out of the third. Not graduated, but I finished it. We walked up there. That’s two miles. The snow got pretty deep; 18-20 inches. There was a girl in the seventh or eighth grade whose name was Harriet Frey. We always used to go and meet her and walk up. Some days, school took up at nine o’clock and several times we were 15 minutes late and I could see Julia Sidley looking out the window. She was a strict teacher. My dad thought that she was the best teacher he’d ever heard of or seen. Come high water or whatever, he was going to have his kids go to Julia Sidley, The rest of the board didn’t like it so we moved to Butte Creek School.  (between Lake Creek and Brownsboro)