Lake Creek Store and Post Office

Lake Creek Store and Post office

There was an article in the Upper Rogue Independent on November 17, 1981, written by Helen Barrow.  With her permission it was reprinted in the Spring and Winter 1997 Lake Creek Letter (two issues).  I am using only a few excerpts from the article here, as it is way too long to type all of it.

Postal records from the archives in Washington, D.C. show that a Joseph Delk was appointed postmaster for Lake Creek on April 25, 1888.  The Jackson County archives do  not show that this Mr. Delk owned any property in the Lake Creek area, but they show that he paid a poll tax. The postmistress of the early 1900’s, Sarah Wright, had a post office in her home, but no one knows if she sold store items out of her home as well.  It was thought that the store was built around 1904.

Those that bought the store had to become postmasters or postmistress until the post office was moved into Eagle Point in 1959.  In 1989 Cascade Ranches purchased the store.  They leased it out until they sold the ranch and store in 2006.  At that time the store was closed until 2008 when it was torn down.  A new building was built in its place in 2009 by the new owners.