Lost Creek School

The first school building was constructed in 1880, the year the district was formed to provide education for the children living in the basin of the South Fork of Little Butte Creek.  The lumber for desks and finishing was packed in by burros.  The second school building was built in the early 1900 and the third building was built around 1910.  There is no signs of the building now. The school consolidated with the Eagle Point schools in 1949.

Students in this picture provided years later by Agusta Nussbaum Perry.  Information provided by John Walch Jr.

Boy on horse Tom Farlow, boy standing by horse Frank Farlow, two girls on left Hoefft girls, two boys on right back row Zakery Almy,  Henry Tonn, two boys on right front row Louis Tonn, Gus Peck, teacher Henryetta Moore, two small children in front Sophie Ratrie, John’ Jack’ Tyrrell, boy on left Henry Ratrie, small girl on right Cassey Davis. boy in back row Clyde Davis?, the five girls in center of picture Nussbaum girls: Emma, Dollie, Elizibeth, Agusta and Minnie.