Lost Creek School 1908

This is the second building of the Lost Creek School Dist. #42.  This picture was taken 1908. 

Left to Right back row: Teacher-Sadie Evans, Marie Newstrom, Hazel Randles, Blanche Miller, Grace Miller, Margaret Tyrrell, Lee Farlow, Josh Geer?, and Herman Newstrom

Left to Right front row: Ty Ragsdale,  ? , ?, Adolph Pech, Tom Ragsdale, Beth Farlow, Meryle Miller, Bessie Downing, Mildred Seefield, Eva Farlow, Cecile Moore, Anna Geer? Myrtle Farlow, Elda Farlow, Henry Pech and Garland Randles.

Females married names if known:  Marie ‘Newstrom’ Walch, Blanche ‘Miller’ Stanley, Grace ‘Miller’ Crawford, Margaret ‘Tyrrell ‘Meyer, Beth ‘Farlow’ Zundel, Meryle ‘Miller’ Carlton, Bessie  ‘Downing’ Ragsdale, Mildred ‘Seefield’ Sargent, Eva ‘Farlow ‘Nichols-Fostin, Cecile ‘Moore’ Abbott, Myrtle ‘Farlow’ Charley and Elda ‘Farlow’ Damon.