Lake Creek Grange

Lake Creek Grange

The Lake Creek Grange was chartered on April 11,1928, with forty-four members.  The first Grange master was Floyd Charley.  The first secretary was Julia Sidley.

In 1929 a contractor gave an estimate of $1,200.00 to the building committee.  Mr. & Mrs. Henry Meyer donated the Grange site.  The whole community donated labor.  Even though the building was not finished, the first meeting was held on May of 1932.  The cement floor did not go down until December of 1944. There were many fundraisers and donations given to build the Grange building.

This information was gleaned from the Lake Creek Letter (Summer 2003), written by Vera Walch


Early Early Grange membersGrange Members

Front Row: Reed Charley, Loyd George, Claus Charley, Myrtle Charley.

Back Row: Merton Bradshaw, Louis ‘Buck’ Walch, Wayne Marshal, Vera Walch, Leonard Bradshaw