Lake Creek Fire Department

The Lake Creek Rural Fire Department started its humble beginnings with just a phone tree to alert volunteers of fires in the area.  Lake Creek Store owners, Ben and Betty Humphrey, were the initial phone contact that set in motion the phone tree.  Prior to 1982, when the LCRFD officially became a fire district in Jackson County, a dedicated group of volunteers started the fire department.  With community donations, fundraisers, and matching funds the fledgling department kept going.

Victor and Harriet Gardener were founding supporters and helped with the purchase of needed equipment.  Cascade Ranch leased us a building next to the store to house our fire trucks and equipment.  Many county fire districts donated firefighting equipment to help us work towards a lower fire insurance rating.  The department consisted of about 15 volunteers that attended weekly training classes to learn all aspects of firefighting.  In 1987, district residents voted for a tax base.  A committed group of volunteers still work tirelessly responding to over 100 calls annually.

( This article was written by Julie Thompson, Former Training Office, article located in the LCHS cookbook)