Ralph Wehinger, 1954-2002

In December 2002, Lake Creek lost one of its modern day pioneers, Ralph Wehinger.  He was a man of vision and boundless energy.  His contributions to Jackson County and the State of Oregon were many.

Ralph saw the need to preserve our rich Lake Creek heritage and went to work.  He formed the Lake Creek Historical Society, becoming the first president.  Since LCHS needed a facility to call home. He negotiated with the Lake Creek Community Club for the old Community Hall.  He also obtained a long-term lease from Cascade Ranch for the land upon which the building sits.  He then found the funding necessary to renovate the building and bring it to modern standards, at the same time preserving the hall’s original character.  Once completed, the hall’s name was changed to Pioneer Hall.  It functions as LCHS offices and hosts community events.  Article in the Lake Creek Letter Summer 2004 by Ron Walch